Sergei A Kulinich

Sergei A Kulinich

Tokai University, Japan

Title: Nanoflake arrays: Their preparation and gas-sensing


Sergei A Kulinich obtained his PhD degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Moscow State University and then was a Post-doctoral fellow and Research Associate at the University of Tokyo (Materials Engineering), University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (Applied Sciences), University of British Columbia (Chemistry) and Osaka University (Materials Engineering). His recent research activities include gas sensors, thin films and coatings, materials and surface analysis, superhydrophobic and anti-icing surfaces and nanomaterials (especially those prepared via laser ablation in liquids).


Gas sensors play a key role in daily life, contributing actively to toxic- and explosive-gas alarms, automotive cabin air-quality control, health care, household appliances and so on. Therefore, tremendous efforts have been recently made to design and fabricate reliable and durable sensors with high sensitivity and selectivity, as well as fast response, toward various gases. This work focuses on chemi-resistive gas sensors prepared via the chemical bath deposition approach, such as nanoarrays of CdO, which demonstrate promise in detecting certain volatile organic compounds, having high selectivity, sensitivity and fast response time. The preparation, characterization and performance of such sensors are described and sensing mechanisms are commented.