Seung-Hun, Sung has completed his PhD from KAIST. He is the Senior Researcher of the Agency for Defense Develeopment, South Korea. He has published more than 10 papers in reputed journals.


This study proposes a novel cumulative damage assessment method for a reinforced concrete (RC) slab using an equivalent single degree of freedom (SDOF) model. The proposed method utilizes a structural permanent deformation evaluted from the equivalent SDOF model and its newly constructed resistance function due to initial damage. In order to confirm an applicability and a limitation of the proposed method, a series of numerical simulations and experiments were carreid out. Three consecutive explosions were numerically and experimentally conducted at same detonation points with the same explosive weight for the one-way RC slab and for the two-way RC slab. As a result of comparison between numerical simulaions and experiments, it is sufficiently applicable to assess cumulative damages for a RC slab under blast loads, although the method has some limitation.