Shagufta is an Emergency Care Nurse since more than 7 years. She is also an Assistant Head Nurse at Department of Emergency Medicine at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan. She has also completed her Diploma in Nursing in 2007 and Diploma in Midwifery in 2008 from Murshid Hospital and Health Care Center. She has then graduated with a Post RN BSCN degree from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences in 2015. She later joined Child Life Foundation as Clinical Nurse Instructor in 2016


Child Life Foundation (CLF) operates three pediatric emergency rooms in public sector hospitals of Karachi and treating one million children every year. The three emergency rooms serve around 1200-1300 pediatric patients per day which are managed by nursing staff and physicians having different years of experiences, knowledge and skills. The nursing care is provided by registered nurses, community nurses, nursing attendant and pediatric technicians. As working in these overcrowded emergency rooms is a challenge in itself, which required continuous monitoring and evaluation of nursing competency skills. Therefore, CLF developed an in-house nursing certificate course for their nursing staff to improve their emergency room nursing competencies, translate their knowledge and skills into practice to share the experience of developing a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Certificate of Nursing (PEMCN) course. The basic goal of this course is to train nurses who provide urgent and emergency care to pediatric patients and their families. Nursing care includes health care facilitation through proper triaging, direct patient assessment, disease recognition and stabilization by applying systematic approach.