Shahad Almohanna

Shahad Almohanna

King Saud University
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Title: Rhinoplasty awareness and nose shape preference among Saudi adults in Riyadh city Saudi Arabia


Shahad Mohammad Almohannais currently a 5th year medical student in king Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will soon become an intern starting July 2015. She is genuinely interested in otolaryngology as a future career. Shahad has enrolled in different summer electives for research and clinical training in otolaryngology department and is very eager to work on future research papers. She participated in various extracurricular activities such as volunteering for different health and community campaigns.


Introduction: Rhinoplasty is a reconstructive plastic surgery, usually done due to many diff erent reasons. Th e prevalence of rhinoplasty is increasing worldwide especially in the gulf countries.
Problem: In Saudi Arabia it is considered to be the third most common plastic surgery. And we think there is lack of awareness despite the increasing number and also there is defi ciency of date for the prevalence and nose shape preference.
Methods: Cross-sectional study in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Th e sample was selected randomly during October 2014 through self-administered questionnaire. Total number of participants were 545.
Results: 73.4% of participants know about rhinoplasty. Approximately 30% only know the diff erent types of surgical and nonsurgical options for rhinoplasty. 59.3% don’t know about the complication of rhinoplasty. 70% did not encounter or read any information about rhinoplasty from books or brochures. 40.7% expect the success rate for rhinoplasty to be between 50%-70%. 29.5% want to do rhinoplasty themselves. 61.1% think that psychological eff ect could explain the reason behind nose plastic surgery. More than 90% desire straight nose, narrow nostrils and smaller nose size. 58.7% and 82% want the nose tip to be up and sharp respectively. Th e length of the nose was almost disturbed equally between the participants. 61.8% want to have a less prominent side view of the nose and 86.1% want it straight.
Conclusions: Most of the participants were not aware about diff erent types of surgical and non-surgical option of rhinoplasty neither the complication of it. Most of them think that the reason behind increasing number of rhinoplasty is social and psychological eff ect.

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