Shaheena Salman Alwani

Aga Khan University Hospital , Pakistan

Title: Enhancing Breastfeeding Practices of Newly Mothers through Postnatal Education Programme


I Shaheena Salman Alwani got enrolled in BScN in year 2001 and completed it in 2005 from Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi Pakistan. Worked as bed side staff and team leader from 2005-2007 in ObstetricsGynaecology and Well- Baby Nursery . On Sep 17th, 2007, I accepted the challenge to groom professionally and selected as Head Nurse of Obstetrics ,  Gynaecology and Well- Baby Nursery  (general, semi-private and Special care Units; 55 bedded unit and 40 babies max. in a shift).


The nursing mothers are the most valuable source in the provision of nourishment to the newborns. Breastfeeding practices are so traditional, yet the knowledge, attitude and practices vary among different cultures. Therefore, nurses’ role in exploring family values and believes in regards with the practices involved in post natal care emerges. A new mother’s apprehension, fear, queries, believes related to the post natal care and overall health is taken care by nurses.