Shaukat Ali Chhipa

Shaukat Ali Chhipa

Aga Khan University, Pakistan

Title: Optic Nerve Head and Responsibilities of Ophthalmologist


Shaukat Ali Chhipa has been associated with Aga Khan University Hospital since 2006 as a Faculty and Consultant Ophthalmologist and currently on the post of Assistant Professor. He accomplished Fellowship in Ophthalmology from college of physicians and surgeons, Pakistan in 2005. Very much interested in education and proactive in increasing both his fund of knowledge as well as delivery of knowledge. Dr Ali acquire health professions education diploma in 2013. The International council of ophthalmology (ICO) has awarded him fellowship in Glaucoma.


There is a great responsibility of an ophthalmologist while examining a patient in search or follow up of Glaucoma. Evaluation of glaucoma may start with the intraocular pressure measurement but the actual thing is start with the optic nerve head. So, the responsibility of an ophthalmologist is not merely to define the cup disc ratio but to carefully note and describe all the necessary relative information while evaluating the optic nerve head (ONH). From the first day in ophthalmology we are hearing about cup disc ratio and most of the time we are least bother about disc diameter. Only describing Cup Disc Ratio may be misleading because a large ONH have thinner neural rim width and large cup size despite a stable number of axons. Assessment of disc size is one of the initial step. So, we as an ophthalmologist have to prepare our mind to see the details of ONH. I will describe the importance of examination of ONH in detail with emphasis on disc size, cupping, neuroretinal rim and signs of progression.