Sherif Aboulnaga is a pioneer in healthcare reform and health economics. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 57357 Group, and the Managing Director of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (57357 hospital). He has extensive experience and research activities in the areas of health economics and health policy, healthcare management, healthcare strategic sciences and peditaric oncology. He is a leader in transforming the healthcare system in Egypt for children with cancer, and transforming the educational system in Egypt.


Health care and education should be delivered to everyone as righteous services with a moral motive evolving form the fact that they are basic human rights and not commodities. Services are attainable rights, while commodities are only delivered or become of better quality when someone pays for them. Being labelled as righteous services, healthcare and education cannot be owned. And that is the right policy for health and education reform, because if they were owned as commodities, it would be easy to control them and limit their delivery based on affordability to pay. The delivery of healthcare and educational services as righteous services has humanistic, economic, and developmental implications. From a humanistic standpoint, healthcare and education should be delivered as basic human rights, and not as gifts or privileges that are granted to people with terms and conditions. Also, the concept of delivering healthcare and education from an economical –versus commercial- point of view will lead to the delivery of more services with lower costs, thus increasing access to these services, and leading to more productivity and overall economic positive output. Consequently, this would have a developmental implication, where the performance of individuals who receive their basic human rights would tremendously improve as a result of being healthy and well-educated. These concepts have actually been practically applied at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (57357 hospital) which treats children with cancer free of charge and implements continous learning and education for its patients and employees as righeous services.

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