Shikha has completed B.D.S at the age of 22years from Manipal University . She is an intern at Manipal College of Dental Sciences , Mangalore.


The quality of work carried out by dentists is dependenton knowledge,skill,experience, training, and manual dexterity. Most of the time,we ignore visual and interpretative deficiencies that could make individual acquisition of skills and interpretation of instructions difficult. The conviction that visual acuity has an essential influence on the precision of manual work in dentistry.However the idea ofmagnification devices should be used as standard devices in dentistry is relatively new. The present study will be carried with an aim to test the visual acuity and the influence of age on the visual acuity in dental personnelin a simulated clinical condition to evaluate the need of magnification devices. This cross sectional study will be conducted on a total of 105 dental personnel , over a range of age groups and 35 subjects (dental personnel) in each age group. Methods :Miniaturized visual tests using E-optotypeswill be performed in posterior teeth of a dental phantom head in a phantom head with operating lamp using dental mirror. The visual acuity of 105 subjects will be measured under the following conditions: (1) natural visual acuity, distance of 300 mm; (2) natural visual acuity, free choice of distance. Data will be analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), version 17.0 (SPSS Inc, Chicago IL). Chi squareand Fisher’s exact tests will be used for comparison of categorical data. This is the ongoing study. The results will be given later.