Shipulin Alexander Vladimirovich

Shipulin Alexander Vladimirovich

National Mineral Resources University, Russia

Title: Technology of pulse hydraulic fracturing


Shipulin Alexander Vladimirovich has completed his graduation from the Leningrad Mining Institute in 1976. He has worked as the Head of the Laboratory and as the Teacher in Mining Institute for 30 years. He has published 130 scientific works, 3 books and holds 96 patents for inventions. Presently, he is an individual Businessman-Researcher


The most effective ways of processing of a well hydraulic fracturing, torpedoing, chemical processing is most expensive, ecologically dangerous technologies. In most cases creation of long cracks of hydraulic fracturing is unprofitable gives low effect and leads to flood. I suggest applying the pulsing hydraulic fracturing pressure to creation of a network of short cracks. The reasons for applying the pulsing hydraulic fracturing pressure are as follows: It is economic, the constant high pressure is not required, powerful pump units are not used, the technology of multistage hydraulic fracturing is not applied, large number of people and equipment is not required, Cracks extend in all directions inflow of oil is carried out from all directions, On it is required to fix cracks proppant. After repeated processing yes the end are not closed by crack pressure. The chemical reactants which are negatively influencing ecology are not applied. Application for production of slate oil and gas is especially effective. Example: The technology of pulse and wave processing for delivery wells which I developed is repeatedly tested on crafts of the Volga region, Kazakhstan and China. For work hoisting works are not used, 2 cars are used, work is carried out by 2 persons. The technology is successfully applied. Together with National Mineral resources university work on creation of hydraulic fracturing in coal layers for preliminary removal of methane is carried out. Calculations which are confirmed with tests are carried out.