Shirley Gutkowski

Shirley Gutkowski

Primal Air LLC, USA

Title: Improving breathing with a novel use of xylitol


Shirley Gutkowski has practiced Clinical Dental Hygienist from 1986 to 2003, when she focused her energy on product research, writing and speaking. She is the 2008 Alumna of the Year Marquette University School of Health Science in Dental Hygiene, a recipient of the Leadership Award from the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, and 2006 – 2007 president of the Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association. Her podcast Cross Link Presentations highlights notables such as Patrick McGowan (author of The Oxygen Advantage and premier Buteyko instructor), Dr. Kevin Boyd (Darwinian Dentist), Gill Rapley (author of Baby Led Weaning), Dr. Allison Hazelbaker,
Dr. Mike Nelson (metabolic flexibility) and others. As the science continues to point to correlations between oral and systemic health, the function of the nasal airway is also under scrutiny. She has published extensively on these topics. She is a featured speaker on the upcoming The Functional Oral Health Summit.


Epigenetic changes in the shape of the face have modified the airway leading to changes in breathing, like mouth breathing. Mouth breathing in children has consequences leading to decreased nasal volume and dental malocclusions. Allergy profiles have also increased over the last century topping 15 million Americans, today improving the odds for mouth breathing and its consequences. Allergy symptoms often include a sinus component that may be relieved, reduced, or eliminated using a saline nasal spray complimented by xylitol. The mechanism of action, recommended usage, and safety profile of this novel functional ingredient are discussed.

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