Siew Young Quek

Siew Young Quek

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Title: Microencapsulation of bioactives for functional food development


Siew Young Quek was graduated with a PhD degree from School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham (UK) in 1999. She is the Director of Food Science Program at University of Auckland. Her current research interests include microencapsulation of bioactives for delivery into functional foods, extraction & characterization of bioactives/functional ingredients from food and waste byproducts, processing & food quality and food product development. She has published more than 200 journals articles and conference proceedings, 4 book chapters and delivered 21 reports for industries. She is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology.


The increasing pressure on the food industry to produce healthy food products has, as a result, unveiled the challenge of processing functional ingredients in a way that meets the requirements of the modern day consumer. The major issues limiting the use of functional ingredients without prior processing include vulnerability to oxidative breakdown, limited water or lipid solubility, poor thermal stability and poor taste. Unprocessed, these ingredients such as bioactive compounds are essentially unsuitable for use as food ingredients due to any of the aforementioned reasons. This leads to the application of microencapsulation technology as one of the methods in production of food ingredients for functional food application. By utilizing microencapsulation technology, it is possible to produce functional ingredients with desirable chemical and physical properties. This paper aims to provide an understanding on the application of microencapsulation processes to produce functional ingredients for foods. Microencapsulation of lipophilic bioactive components (LBCs) and the development in the area will be discussed.