Simge Zeyneloglu, MSN, PhD, is an associated professor at Gaziantep University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nursing, Gaziantep, and an associated professor at the University of Gaziantep.


Objective: The research has been conducted fractionally with the aim of the determination the factors, which affect the sexual satisfaction of women, whose spouses prefer the coitus interruptus as the family planning method and the effects of sexual satisfaction on their marital accordance. Methods: Out of 1422 women applying to the Binevler Family Health Center, the number of the women, who have been evaluated as the specimen, is calculated by 302 women. As the data collecting method with the questionnaire form, “Gloombook-Rust Sexual Satisfaction Scale (GRSSS)” (Cronbach Alpha Reliability Coefficient 0.91) and “Marital Accordance Scale (MAS)” (Cronbach Alpha Reliability Coefficient 0.90) have been utilized. The questionnaire form consists of two groups. In the first chapter there are socio-demographic features of the women and their spouses, and in the second chapter there are questions about the factors, which may affect the sexual satisfaction of women. The GRSSS and MAS have been conducted with the questionnaire form between the dates of 15th February and 10th June 2014. The result data from the survey have been evaluated via the computer program “SPSS for Windows 18” (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) with the calculations of average, standard deviation, percentage numbers with minimum and maximum values, t-test and OnewayAnova Test. Results: The average points of GRSSS, which determines the sexual satisfaction of women, the age of women, education level, working situation, age of marriage, the education lever of their spouses, the sharing of feelings with her spouse, the resemblance in their living habits and values, the mutual decision on significant matters with her spouse, the number of children they have, the number of pregnancy, the planned pregnancy, the frequency of sexual intercourse, the decision on coitus interruptus, the reasons of coitus interruptus preference, undesired pregnancy situations and the difference of sexual satisfactions between spouses have been found statistically important (p<0.05). Conclusions: As a result, it is stated that the sexual satisfaction of women is low (The average point of GRSSS is 83.07). Additionally it is found out that women with less sexual satisfaction have also less marital accordance(r = 0.514, p = 0.001).In accordance with the results of the research, the recommendations regarding the improvement of women’s sexual satisfaction and their marital harmony have been developed and propounded.

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