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Background: One of the most common psychiatric disorders in children is ADHD (Attention Defi cit Hyperactivity Disorder), which is treated extensively by Methylphenidate. Th is study investigates the assessment of the eff ects of methylphenidate on histopathologic and histomorphometric changes of adrenal gland and serum level of cortisol in male mice. Material & Methods: In this study 30 adult male mice (Balb/C) were used. Aft er determining the body weight, the animals were divided randomly into two experimental groups and one control group. Th e experimental groups received methylphenidate via gavage as follow: Th e group 1 received 2 mg/kg/day and the group 2 received 10 mg/kg/day for a period of forty days. Aft er evaluation of body weight, general anesthesia was used for taking blood samples from the heart in order to measure cortisol levels in serum. Aft er determining of body weight, Adrenal glands removed and its thickness of capsule, medulla and cortex were measured. Results: Th e results showed that Methylphenidate with diff erent doses could increase thickness of the glumerolosa and fasciculate layer, and decrease of the reticularis layer and capsule thickness in experimental groups signifi cantly. Besides some signifi cant changes in serum cortisol no signifi cantly histopathological changes were seen in control specimens. Conclusion: Our fi ndings demonstrated that Methylphenidate administration in adulthood could aff ect cortisol hormones and adrenal gland tissue.

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