Simon Kang ethe

Simon Kang ethe

University of Fort Hare, South Africa

Title: Exploring Myths Associated with HIV/AIDS with Examples from A Few Countries of the World


Simon Kang ethe is currently working as a professor at University of Fort Hare, South Africa.


There are various myths and misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS within South African communitiesthat lead to the stigmatization and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS. The aim of this paper is toexplore and spell out the underpinnings on underpinnings on myths surrounding HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Thispaper has used a review of literature methodology. Findings indicate that South Africa embraces immense mythicalbeliefs about HIV/AIDS. Also myths flourish due to: misinformation, misinterpretation, misperceptions ofinformation associated with HIV/AIDS; are reinforced by cultures and patriarchy; and are also associated with thetraditional healers. As a way of dispelling the myths, the paper recommends clients to look or seek scientificevidence in the therapies at their disposal, adapt the use of condoms, demystify the use of the ARV treatment modalities; and enhance community education; and government to regulate the work of traditional healers.

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