Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri

Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri

Amity Inst. of Biotechnology, Amity University, India

Title: A novel oral formulation for cancer therapy, loaded in a slow release matrix for targeted delivery


Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri from New Delhi India is the Professor Emeritus in the Amity University NOIDA. He superannuated as a Scientist and Jt. Director from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, Defense R&D Organization. He is a Gold Medalist, a CommonWealth awardee, Resource Person in the “State-of –the- art” Workshops of Govt. of India. His interest is in Drug Development & Delivery, DNA Diagnostics, Radiation Biology & Protection, Animal Sciences, Herbal remedy and Toxicity research. Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri has 16 patents, 42 publications and is the Reviewer of 35 reputed international journals. He has received several international appreciations.


The present invention, provide an anti-cancer formulation, incorporated in the hydrogel. It selectively causes apoptosis of cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells unaffected. The anti-cancer formulation comprises of aqueous leaf extracts of Belada mara (Aegle marmelos), Oxalis corniculata; cotyledons of the seed of custard apple (Annona reticulate), seeds of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Ginseng from the plant Panax ginseng and Newcastle disease virus suspended in 1X Phosphate buffer saline, all at declared proportions. Its hydrogel based targeted oral delivery for slow release in the intestine has been developed. The hydrogel comprises agarose and protein in phosphate buffer saline, polyethelene glycol and glycerol. The contents of the hydrogel are non-toxic and are consumed as food or for therapy. The hydrogel can be made for target specific (pH specific) release in intestine or in stomach by altering the buffer pH during the production.

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