Slavko Rogan

Slavko Rogan

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Title: Innovative training program for elderly in long-term care


Slavko Rogan (MSc) is a Lecturer and Research Scientist in the Department of Health at Bern University of Applied Sciences. He has a background in osteopathy, physiotherapy and further adult education. He works in the fields of geriatrics, musculoskeletal disorders and sport science. In 2010 he started his PhD track as external student at Maastricht University, working on a project studying, training with whole-body vibration and virtual games, and considering their effects on physical performance on an elderly population in need of care. Currently he is in the final stages of his Doctoral thesis.


Movement therapy, strength training and physical activity are essential components in promoting health, improving function and extending independence in elderly individuals. Effects of exercise and physical activity demonstrate valid evidence, at least for short-term effects. It should be noted that elderly individuals’ biological age appears different forms. Therefore, in order to plan individual therapy, one must first assess what the physical functional capacity is and which structures are responsible. Due to the different forms of physical and mental functions in any elderly individual, a classification into independent person (Go-Go), needy person with slight handicap (Slow-Go) and person in need of care with severe functional limitation (No-Go) should be performed. Go-Go and Slow-Go elderly individuals can exercise with traditional training regimes, in contrast to the No-Go elderly individuals because of their limited physical performance, among other reasons. Training regime in the No-Go group (especially LTC elderly) should be designed in a way that they can be carried out within a short time frame. These movement therapy and exercise regimes should include specific components of balance, strength and cognition. Slow-Go and No-Go elderly individuals can participate in traditional training regimes, in contrast to the No-Go elderly individuals because of their limited physical functional capacity, among other issues. Stochastic resonance whole-body vibration and video gaming are suitable innovative training methods for skilling up in LTC elderly. This presentation will describe how to classify and how to train No-Go elderly individuals.

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