Sornsupha Limchareon

Burapha University, Thailand

Title: Physician-performed focused ultrasound: An update on its role and performance


Sornsupha Limchareon is graduated from University of Thailand in 1990 and completed a residency in radiology from Chulalongkorn Hospital in 1993. She is a Head, Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Burapha University Hospital, Thailand. She has worked in medical imaging for more than 20 years. Her research interests include ultrasound and medical education.


There is an increase in the use of focused ultrasound (US) by physicians because it offers the major benefit of reduction in time to diagnosis. Some of these physicians have received formal training on focused ultrasound, others have not received any such training. However, among the formal training given on focused US, there is inconsistency across the teaching protocols. This review presents performances of focused US commonly performed by physicians, compared with radiology US. The various teaching protocols are also discussed.