Soubantika Palchoudhury is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Soubantika has completed her PhD from The University of Alabama (2012) and postdoctoral studies from Yale University, University of South Carolina, and The University of Alabama. She has published over 20 articles in journals like Nano Letters, Langmuir, and ChemComm and three book chapters. Her research on water-solube iron oxide nanoparticles has been highlighted in Nature. Soubantika has also reviewed for several high-impact journals. Her research interests lie in the synthesis of hybrid nanoparticles like Pt-iron oxide and CuZn2InS4 for biomedical and energy applications.


Iron oxide nanoparticles have attracted tremendous attention as potential candidates for enhancing the contrast in magnetic resonance imaging, targeted therapeutics, and remediation agents because they are inherently less toxic and magnetic. This talk will demonstrate an approach to sustainably use iron oxide nanoparticles as platforms for developing improved therapeutics and oil spill remediation agents. The synthesis of hybrid nanoparticles as multifunctional therapeutics will be presented in detail using Pt-iron oxide nanoparticles as the model system.1The talk will also describe the application of magnetic nanoparticles to develop engineered materials for treatment of BP oil spill samples.2The significance of material properties and material characterization of thesenew nanoparticles in exploring enhanced applications will be highlighted throughout the talk.

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