Subarna Mitra

Subarna Mitra

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Title: Correlation between serum vitamin-D level and cardiovascular risk factors among postmenopausal women


Subarna Mitra, M.D.,OBGYN, is working as a senior resident, in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur. Previously she worked as an Assistant Professor in Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, a post graduate institute for medical courses affiliated to Pondicherry Central University for three years. She is actively involved in patient treatment, teaching of medical students and research work. She is the chief Investigator of a prospective study to determine prevalence of hypothyroidism in hypertensive pregnant women. She is also working as co-investigator in many other research programmes. She has Ten publications in various international and national medical journals. She has presented paper in various national conferences. She was invited as a speaker in WCE-2013, held in china for her contribution in ‘Gender-Based Differences in Anthropometry and Cord Blood Insulin Levels in Term Neonates’. She is a trained laparoscopist and sonologist


Background: Vitamin D is very important to maintain bone health. Recently, its role is investigated in different extra-skeletal conditions like obesity, diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseases.
Objectives: To correlate serum 25-OH vitamin D levels with different cardiovascular risk factors among postmenopausal women
Methods: Nineteen consecutive postmenopausal subjects attending OBG OPD of AIIMS, Raipur from Oct’13 to Jan’14 were included in this study, which is the part of the original ongoing study of larger sample size. Detailed history was elicited and physical examination was conducted including assessment of anthropometry and waist circumference. Fasting plasma glucose, fasting lipid profile and serum 25-OH vitamin D were estimated for all subjects.
Results : The age of patients ranged from 44 to 78 years (mean=53.95), with postmenopausal status of 2 to 30 years (mean=9.76). There were 3 patients with diabetes mellitus, 8 patients with hypertension, 7 patients with obesity and 11 patients with metabolic syndrome (modified ATP-III criteria). Mean serum vitamin D level was 25.31ng/ml (range = 4.2-57.9ng/ml). There was no statistically significant correlation between serum vitamin-D level and the following parameters like BMI(r=0.052), SBP(r=-0.138), DBP(r=-0.084), FBS(r=0.242), waist circumference(r=0.151), LDL(r=0.029) and HDL(r=-0.240) etc .
Conclusion: Though some studies implicate an inverse relationship between 25-hydroxy vitamin D levels and components of metabolic syndrome, there was no such correlation found in our study. However, this needs to be confirmed in a large randomised controlled trial.

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