Sultan Salem Aldeyab

Sultan Salem Aldeyab

King Abdulaziz Medical City
Saudi Arabia

Title: Comprehensive strategy for a compromised esthetic cases: multidisciplinary approach


Dr.Sultan Aldeyab has completed his AEGD certificate with honor in 2008 , Then he got Saudi Board Of Restorative Dentistry with honor from 2008-2012. He is working in Restorative Department in King Abduaziz Medical City (National Guard) Riyadh, He is teaching restorative post graduate resident and lecturing undergraduate student in dental collage of King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. He got many awards and he has many publications and lectures.


Introduction: Esthetic outcome can be achieved, even in challenging clinical situations. The three pillars of such a successful outcome are knowledgeable and skillful dentist, properly selected materials and patient-dentist communication. Cases with discolored anterior teeth, Spaces, gummy smile in a high caries risk patients would be an example of such a challenges. Clinical Report: patients came to dental clinics at King Saud Medical City there chief complaint was restoring their teeth and enhance their smile,Diastema, Reverse smile,fluorosisteeth werediagnosed. These symptoms was found to be the reason behind unhappy masked facial expressions on their faces, Multiple decayed teeth and oral hygiene neglect were evident.A comprehensive treatment plan was implemented including extraction of badly decayed teeth, multiple root canal treatments, esthetic crown lengthening, implants, multiple restorations, and combination of bleaching and porcelain laminates and crowns. Treatment Objectives: • The multidisciplinary approach was oriented toward achieving functional and esthetic rehabilitation of the affected teeth. • Restore the patient’s smile, hence their self-esteem. Treatment Outcome: patients appreciated the result and they were happy with their new smile. Meticulous maintenance of oral hygiene needed. Conclusion: With proper strategic planning, an outstanding estheticoutcome can be achieved. Patients have to be treated as a whole, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms.