Sumedh Ojha

Rajasthan Technical University, India

Title: One on One: A Completely New Individual Cricketing Style and Game Design


Sumedh Ojha is a student of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science stream from Poornima Institute of Engineering Technology, Jaipur, which is affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, Rajasthan


One on One - (A New Cricketing Style) is an upcoming completely new style of playing the game of cricket. It is a unique game design which is based upon a rule book, i.e., One On One – Rule Book. The rule book consists of 5 basic laws divided as (1) The Players, (2) The Game, (3) The Batting Order, (4) Miscellaneous, and (5) The Score, with a total of 15 rules in it. In this game, every single player plays for himself instead of a team. The idea of “One on One” presents cricket in an all new style. It is based upon, or rather an advanced version of the game of cricket that is played in the streets of India. It is a game of 12 individual players who compete for a single winning Title. The winner is selected on the basis of an all-round performance by an individual player in each of the four skills, i.e., batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping. It brings out the true talent of a cricket player as an all-rounder and increases the momentum of the game of cricket in the field of sports. The online version of the game shall have some amazing features as it shall have a capacity of involving 12 individual players in a single game. Creating a game offline is one thing, Crickalympics shall have the online features such as: • A user may create a game, join an existing game or can wait to be added as a participant in the game by the host user. One shall even be allowed to publish one’s highest scores and place bids on the highest scorers. • The bidding part is the most essential feature. The game is to be played in a tournament. The tournament shall consist of squads which shall be owned by the individual users. Yes, one shall have the option of creating one’s own squad as one wins the games. As a user keeps winning, the user shall be able to unlock more features for one’s self. • As the game is an individual game, the players shall have full control over the players in the game. One shall be provided with the features of controlling a player during batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping. These are essentially revolutionary features.

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