Sumit Kumar Panchal

Sumit Kumar Panchal

Indian Dental Association, India

Title: Tooth discoloration after traumatic injury


Dr.Sumit Kumar Panchal has a BDS from D.J Dental College, India. He is currently in private practice since 2013 in New Delhi and consultant dental surgeon since 2013 at Saraswati Hospital, India. One of his articles has been published in dental update (Issue vol-12, No- 4, March-April 2014 at page no- 40) in South Asia Edition.


Discolored teeth are seen frequently in the dental office and present a major challenge to dentists. It is essential to recognize the causes in order of establishing appropriate therapy. One of the reasons for tooth discoloration is due to a traumatic injury. This discoloration can vary from pink, yellow or dark gray, depending primarily on the degree of pulp condition and response following injury. The dental pulp may become inflamed and bleed or may mineralize as post traumatic sequelae. Of these conditions depend upon the color change of the affected tooth. To ignore pulpar responses can lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Keywords - Discolored teeth, traumatic injury, Dental pulp condition, Bleeding, Misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.