Sundara Rajan S

Sundara Rajan S

Janani AgriServe – ICT based Agro EcoSystem, India

Title: Janani AgriServe (Janani’s Smart Agri EcoSystem)


Sundara Rajan has a Fellowship in Marketing from Delft University (RVB), Nederlands, also holds a MBA from AIMA, Delhi, in addition to his PG Dip. in Advertising and Sales Management. A seasoned Marketing & Management professional - His past experiences encompasses many industries, which includes Food, FMCG, Media, Housing Infrastructure, IT services. He also provides Consultancy Services.


Janani AgriServe is a Village level Agri EcoSystem - An integrated Physical and Information & Communication networked Agri Value Chain which exploits the latest in Agri Sciences, Computing, Information & Communication and other technologies to design, monitoring and delivery of agri products and services to small farmers in a personalized, effective and efficient manner.
Janani AgriServe - Village Level Agri Ecosystem
Comprises of network of stake holders in agriculture, viz

    • Small farmers, farmer clubs, Self Help Groups, Producer Companies,

    • Local Agriprenaurs, NGOs, farmer co-operatives

    • Local, State and Central Governments agencies;

    • Agri Universities, Research Organizations, Scientists,

    • Agri Business organizations in Finance, Insurance, Input distribution

    • Agri Commodity Marketing organizations (Exporters, processors, Retailers, Commodity Exchanges, Spot Markets)

    • Infrastructure, logistics, Information Technology, communication services

that connect the stakeholders internally as well as to the external economic and social environment; and resources including financial and skilled human resources with connections, knowledge of the agricultural environment. It is built on a framework of Agri Sciences, ICT Technology, Business Processes, Management and e-Commerce.
Janani has a strategic partnership with IBM India to deploy IBM’s SRAP (Smart Rural Aggregator Platform) an ICT platform that will help in streamlining the existing processes and interaction and communications and IBM’s Spoken Web, a voice based module to disseminate information, an answer to the illiteracy and language issues at farmers level.
Janani’s Smart Agri EcoSystem creates and operates a logistics network, purchase/marketing system which enables an efficient and effective flow of goods, information and funds between the villages and agri businesses seamlessly.

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