Susanne Baars, a woman on a mission to create universal access to lifesaving knowledge. She is the President of the Global Human Genome Foundation and Founder and CEO of the Social Genomics MOONSHOT initiative. She has completed her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences from University of Amsterdam/Harvard University, MA Philosophy/Public Health Ethics, Honors Business School and Young Leadership Program from Utrecht University. She has worked at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, World Health Organization and Peking University. She has 3 papers in reputed journals.


The fourth industrial revolution has profoundly impacted the field of precision health at an unprecedented rate. Last decade we have seen extraordinary advances in exponential technologies like DNA sequencing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but also in computation power and storage. Today the time has come to start focusing on sharing and matching genomic data on a global scale. This development is essential as unlike the first human genome, genomic data collected around the world are soiled away in isolated databases of hospitals and research centers. Each hospital has its own secure ICT environment and patient portals, hence genomic data cannot be shared. Because of this, lifesaving knowledge remains inaccessible for patients searching for a cure. At Social Genomics MOONSHOT initiative we are building a future with universal access to lifesaving knowledge for every human on earth. By using genomics and AI to build a Social Network 4.0, that connects patients with rare genetic diseases, terminal diseases and rare cancers to life saving knowledge on a global scale. Using a simple AI-powered genomics tool to connect patients to real world patients data statistics, treatments and exploratory medication and clinical trials. Similarly scientists and drug discovery companies can access our knowledgebase to accelerate drug discovery. This radically shapes the future of genomics and transforms how access to health is distributed.