Syed Yasir Qadiri

Najran university, Saudi Arabia

Title: Prevention is better than cure: A key to halt peri-implantitis


Dr Syed Yasir Qadiri .I am working as Assistant professor in College of dentistry, Najran university, KSA .I had done my Master in Restorative dentistry from university of Manchester, UK .I have also done MFDS from Royal college of Surgeon , England .I have lot of publication in both national and International journals. I am good sports person and love playing cricket n football. 



The success of dental implant is highly dependent on the integration between the implant and intra-oral hard/soft tissue. Most common factor responsible for bone loss after implant placement is peri-implantitis caused by extrusion of excess cement at implant-abutment interface. Construction of vents in restoration to reduce cement flow below the margin can avoid such complication. Thus, aim of this poster is to discuss the effect of vent holes in implant crowns to decrease the extrusion of excess cement at crown-abutment interface, & reducing the chances of peri-implantitis and early implant failure.