Syed Yawar Mehdi

Syed Yawar Mehdi

St. Georges University hospital, London, UK

Title: The art & science of brachioplasty


After graduation in Medicine, completed Surgical Fellowship from Royal College of Surgeon Ireland in 1995. Trained in all aspects of Plastic surgery, worked as Specialist Plastic Surgeon in reputable University hospitals of Ireland/ UK until 2007 and as Asst. Professor Plastic & Hand Surgery in Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan, returning as Senior Surgeon to join St. Georges hospital in 2013. Have more than 20 years of experience in this dynamic specialty with the special interest in Aesthetic Surgery including body contouring post bariatric Surgery. Have multiple publications and many presentations as Faculty. 


Brachioplasty generally referred to as arm uplift, has become quite popular and one of the most rapidly growing procedure in body contouring in USA / Europe, with recent advances in bariatric surgery and interest in reducing weight to keep fit.In this quest for health and beauty having well contoured and toned upper arms has lead to recent innovations in surgical techniques, ranging from liposuction to radical excision of excess loose flabby skin. This procedure initially was associated with frequent complications and unsatisfactory results but with subsequent modifications, there has been an improvement in outcomes.

The talk will start with a brief history, followed by a detailed description of the various surgical techniques employed depending on the deformity ie. relative excess of fat, skin or both.

In the end, will describe my own modifications to achieve better aesthetic results. Moreover will also mention how I have been using Arm uplift as a part of functional procedure post radical excision of severe axillary hidradenitis suppurativa to reconstruct defect in axilla with Posterior arm flap. This innovation besides dealing with this crippling disease boast the patient’s self-confidence.