Tadesse has completed his BSc at age of 24 years from University of Gondar, then Ethiopian Ministry of Education assigned in Mizan-Tepi University, and worked for two years as Graduate assistant-I and II. In May 2012 he become Bahir Dar University academic staff. On October 2012 he joined Jimma University to study MSc & at his 27 years old he completed his MSc in Adult Nursing from Jimma University and returned to Bahir Dar University School of Nursing, and he is working with Lecturer academic staff. He has published one article at BMC Nursing and currently conducting one research.


Occupational stress exists in every profession, nevertheless, the nursing profession appears to experience more stress at work compared to other health care workers. Unmanaged stress leads to high levels of employee dissatisfaction, illness, absenteeism, high turnover, and decreased productivity that compromise provision of quality service to clients. However, there is a scarcity of information about nurses’ job stress in Jimma zone public hospital nurses. Hence, this study aimed to assess it. An institution based cross sectional study conducted through a census of nurses who are working in Jimma Zone public hospitals using a structured self-administered questionnaire. The level of job related stress calculated through tertial the lower to low stress, the middle to moderate & the higher to high stress. Moreover, bivariate and multivariable linear regressions done to see the association between the predictors and the outcome variable (Job related stress). A total of 341 nurses were given the questionnaire, and the response rate was 92.3% (315). An average overall job related stress level of 58.46 ±12.62. The highest level of job related stress was on the sub scale of dealing with death & dying mean score of 62.94% followed by uncertainty regarding patient treatment 57.72% and workload 57.6%. While job related stress from sexual harassment had the lowest mean score of 46.19%. Overall job related stress varies across working unit. Working in a chronic illness follow up clinic, the mutual understanding at work between nurse & physician and job satisfaction were negatively associated predictors of job related stress.