Taehoon Koh

Taehoon Koh

Korea Railroad Research Institute, South Korea

Title: New microwave thermal desorption technology for the remediation of oil-contaminated soil


Taehoon Koh has completed his PhD from Purdue University (US). He is a Civil Engineer and Chief Researcher of an advanced materials research team focusing on new construction materials and methods. Especially, he has developed eco-friendly construction materials (concrete), fast construction technology for concrete, and low-carbon remediation technology for soil. He has published more than 90 technical papers, registered over 20 patents, and received paper awards and research awards.


In this study, microwave thermal desorption technology was used to treat the oil-contaminated soil, which has been newly developed in Korea. This technology uses microwave absorber in the microwave thermal desorption system in order to effectively develop the microwave heating temperature to treat the oil-contaminated soil. This technology can substantially reduce the remediation cost of oil-polluted soil with fast remediation time and low electric power consumption. From a series of field demonstrations, it is found that this technology can rapidly complete the remediation process of the oil-contaminated soil from the oil spill areas with high efficiency.