Tamer Rizk

Tamer Rizk

Sulaiman Alhabib Medical Group, Saudi Arabia

Title: Botulinum toxin in pediatric stiff hips


Dr. Rizk graduated from Alexandria University, Egypt in 1995, then granted MRCPCH in 2008, FRCPCH in 2012 from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK), He obtained teh specialty Certificate in Paediatric Neurology in 2012 from the British Paediatric Neuroloogy Association. Dr. Rizk is an active member of multiple international Child Neurology societie. He has published more than 30 papers in reputed journals and he has been serving as an editorial board member of multiple reputable journals in the field of paediatric neurology and Neurosciences. He is a consultant Paediatric Neurologist in Sulaiman Alhabib Medical Group; KSA.


Objective: The aim of the study is to show the functional contribution of botulinum toxin-A in the treatment of postoperative pediatric stiff hips. Methods: Four pediatric patients with postoperative stiff hips were included. Three patients with complicated developmental dysplasia of the hip after multiple revision surgeries, and a case of cerebral palsy after hip surgery were given botulinum toxin injections in selected muscles as an adjunctive therapy to the standard orthopedic and rehabilitation management. Results: All patients experienced a significant reduction in pain with a significant improvement in posture, range of motion and mobility. Conclusion: The preliminary results of botulinum toxin-A injection when given to selected muscles seem to be promising in relieving pain and improving range of motion in pediatric patients with postoperative stiff hips. It may be considered as an option in the treatment of difficult cases of postoperative stiff hips refractory to physiotherapy.

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