Tariq Alotaibi

Tariq Alotaibi

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Thoracic vertebral hemangioma causing lower limb spastic paresis (case report)


Tariq alotaibi : medical student in the final year from king saud university ,riyadh saudi arabia . He is interested in orthopedic. Working on two different research projects in orthopedic.


In this paper we report a rare case of aggressive vertebral hemangioma in an 18-year old male presenting with paraparesis, disturbed sensations and spasticity. Vertebral hemangioma can present with wide variety of symptoms based on extension and compression of the spinal cord. It’s more common in adult. Radiological Imaging were diagnostic of vertebral hemangioma in the level of T8 involving the whole vertebral body. Patient was treated surgically and recovered completely. The clinical presentation, finding on radiological studies, and the management are discussed below.

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