Tcheunkeu Ebanga Nadine is a nurse working with the catholic health association of the Diocese of Buea.I am precisely the consulting nurse and nurse incharge of the pediatric unit in Catholic Health Center Fiango kumba.I was born in a little town in south west region of cameroon called kumba some 30years ago by mother Susan Tabe and father Tcheunkeu Thomas all of whom are cameroonains.I had an ordinary level and A level in science and later partionate about caring for people I proceeded to the university and acquired a higher national diploma in nursing and a bachelor degree in nursing. I am a happy mother of three kids one boy and two girls.


Identifying the merits and demerits of Traditional management of common cold in babies Cameroon case study kumba Regarding the fact that we are in Africa we have divers traditional beliefs as regard the management of some illnesses. This crossectional study targeted mothers to view their strategies in managing cold in their babies. Seven tribes were used for the research to give a clearer view on diversity. These trines were bayangis,bakwerains,Hausas,bangwas and the mbos. Results it was noted that despite the different origin of these mothers they all had similar methods of management.100% said the use palm oil and instill in both nostrils, while they also agreed that the some time use the commonly known macepou. Conclusively all the mothers tried home management of common cold About 60% of them had a positive result. Some also faced adverse effects due to their practice Solutions They were enlightened on the dangers of in stilling palm oil in the childs nostrils that it my cause Vaso Occlusion Dysnoea and even death Health education was also given during IWC and ANC visit to all mothers. Advising them to visit a doctor at least signed of nasal congestion.