Thomas Ryzlewicz

Thomas Ryzlewicz

Via Medis Dialysis center, Germany

Title: online HDF - a concept for baltimore


Thomas Ryzlewicz at 66 years, born in West-Berlin (Germany). Nephrologist since 40 years with regular clinical work with RRT Patients. In 1974 he used several of the first Dialysis Set-Up’s (Travenol 120 Batch System, Milton Roy B II, Gambro AK 3). 1978 Bag-Hemofiltration done (with the Equipment of 3 Blood Pumps, one Bed Scale and a Cup to measure the Filtration Rate (with a Stop-Watch).


online-Hemofiltration (Shaldon, Gambro AK 10-Dextran Blue System with 20 Ultrafilters). 1991 Prototype of AFB (Acetate Free Biofiltration). 1991 Prototype for cavHD for ICU Patients to the German TÜV for permission as a Prototype (> duration of one entire year!). 1991 conversion of a Hemofiltration Monitor from TMP-driving to Weight-driving to perform cvvH in ICU Patients. 1993 first use of the online Monitor of today as a Prototype (Gambro AK 100 ultra). 1995 contact with the MARS-Group (Stange and Mitzner, Rostock / Germany, “Albumin-Dialysis” in Hepatic Coma). I introduced to them the conversed cvvH-Monitor, in order to treat these severe ill Patients (> Hepatic Coma) with sterile Fluid. Development of an own Bloodline (> very much reduced contact between Blood and Air) in 2007 (BHR GmbH). First Patents in 2010. In 2012 Joint Venture Company with Brook Herderson Group (Oxyless Ltd., Reading, GB). - 25 years employed at the KfH (first Dialysis Provider in Germany), in between 2 years in a Physiologic Institute.

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