Thompson H. Boyd

Thompson H. Boyd

Hahnemann University Hospital, USA

Title: Data Analytics: Governance is Key – is your Data Safe and Fit?


Thompson H. Boyd, III, M.D. completed Medical School at the University of Virginia and went to Hahnemann Medical College in for training in Internal Medicine. As a practicing Internist for over 25 years, Dr. Boyd has devoted 100% of his time as a Clinical Informaticist, and in 2013, was part of the first class to be certified in Clinical Informatics. He serves with HIMSS in a number of Public Policy initiatives, and is co-Chair of the HIMSS Privacy and Security Public Policy Task Force, and is a member of the HIMSS Annual Education and Conference Committee.


Healthcare Organizations received a “call to action” in March 2015 when Secretary Burwell stated that 85% of Medicare dollars paid was to be tied to Value in 2016, and 90% of Medicare dollars paid was to be tied to Value in 2018. In 2019, under The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015 goes into effect where Physician payment will be more closely tied to value and population health. Organization need to have robust Data Paralytics engines where queries can be answered and provided to the clinician at the point of care. Most important, the data needs to be trusted by the stakeholders for data to flow and be successfully used and consumed. Resources must be devoted to data provenance and to data integrity. A business case is central to the sharing of data. Systems must be secure, and security risk assessments need to be performed, where an aggressive mitigation plan is in effect. Cybersecurity risks need to be managed by in a number of ways, including the sharing of threat information among stakeholders, participation in federal/private initiatives, and undergoing formal analysis such as penetration testing. Patients also need to be in control of who sees their data, and what data is seen by whom? A patient should never be surprise to see that their data is in an unintended location.