Tinne Dilles is nurse researcher and lecturer at the University of Antwerp and the Thomas More University College. In 2011, her PhD project entitled ‘Pharmacotherapeutic Care in Nursing Homes: Nurses’ contribution to drug monitoring’ was successfully presented. Her research focuses on nursing and pharmaceutical care, especially in older persons. In different national and international courses Tinne specialized in research methodology and statistics. She teaches research methodology, statistics and pharmacotherapy for nurses and midwives at bachelors’ and masters’ level. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society in Nursing, het National Verbond voor Katholieke Vlaamse Verpleegkundigen en Vroedvrouwen (NVKVV) and the Belgian Society for Pharmacoepidemiology. She is president of NuPhaC (Nurse and Pharmaceutical Care) and vice-president of the division of Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Care Sciences of the University of Antwerp.


Background & Aim: Self-administration of medications relates to the process where hospitalized patients prepare and consume medications themselves rather than a health professional taking over this role. Literatures suggest possible advantages such as increased patient satisfaction, adherence to pharmacotherapy, and self-care competences. The aim of this study was to explore health care providers’ and patients’ perspectives concerning self-administration of medication whilst in hospital, and to describe which adaptations are required for implementation.
Design & Methods: Mixed-method study; qualitative study in one regional and two university hospitals using semi-structured interviews with nurses, physicians, hospital pharmacists and patients, and a cross-sectional observational study on all hospitalized patients of 14 randomly selected wards in 3 Belgian hospitals.
Findings: Self-administration of medication was perceived as beneficial for patients, nurses and inter- professional collaboration. Nevertheless, also disadvantages for patients, nurses and physicians were mentioned. A clear overview of barriers to overcome in order to increase the prevalence and the quality of self-administration resulted from the interviews. Important conditions to be fulfilled before allowing patients to self-administer medication were related to the patient, the type of medication and the organizational structure. Most of the 124 patients who completed the questionnaire had a positive opinion on the implementation of self-administration, 84% was willing to self-administer their medication whilst in hospital. Patients believed that it would result in feeling more autonomous (75%) and it would increase medication knowledge (73%). The majority was convinced it would not jeopardize the safety of other patients (75%).
Willingness of patients to self-administer medication whilst in hospital
Conclusion: The study extends our knowledge of the perspectives of all health care providers and patients in the process of selfadministration of medication. General perceptions on self-administration were very positive and the conditions for implementation can facilitate adaptations to take the step between evidence and practice.
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