Tugba Gursoy

Tugba Gursoy

Istanbul University, Turkey

Title: Defining characteristics of diabetic patients by using data mining tools


Tugba Gursoy has been graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration. She  works on Data Mining, Big Data and Operations Research. She started working at The Istanbul University, Department of Quantitative methods where she has continued her research. Presently she has been working at Istanbul City.


Most organizations have large databases that contain a wealth of potentially accessible information. Data mining techniques can be used to discover hidden patterns that are unknown a priori.  Data mining is the process of selection, exploration and modelling of large quantities of data. Data mining has worthy applications in finance, communication, education, marketing and health management. In this study health management is chosen as an application area. It is very important to encounter similarities of past period cases and definition of patient profile in the health services quickly and decide correctly. It is aimed to define specific characteristics of diabetic patients in Turkey by using Cluster Analysis, Association Rules and Decision Trees methods.

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