V. Znak

V. Znak

The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, Russia

Title: On some possibilities of studing characteristics of periodic signals based on cluster analysis


V. Znak (Vladimir Ilich Znak) is Senior scientific researcher at The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, Russia. He received his Ph.D. in 1980 at The Sevastopol instrument-making institute, Sevastopol. His Research interests were in the field of signal processing, estimation of signal parameters and characteristics, computational mathematics, applied statistics, computational technologies, development of algorithms and computer programs, formal logic, etc. he is Author of more than 70 publications, including inventor's certificates.



Periodic (harmonic and frequency-modulated – FM) signals are widely used, and an appropriate research can be of interest in different fields of activity. Our purpose is to study the above signals for estimating their parameters and characteristics such as locus of a signal on a time axis and the degree of their presence in noise. Such indications determine the degree of trust to consequent estimations. At the same time, we assume that a signal is recorded at a discrete time t1,…, tN, where ti-1 – ti =t = const, i=2,…, N.
We propose to use the cluster analysis for studying periodic signals. According to this, we consider the corresponding approach, the statement of a problem and specify the way of its decision. Finally, we intend to present some results of the data obtained of a model of the FM signal.

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