Valentiyn Alekseevitch Nastasenko

Kherson State Maritime Academia, Ukraine

Title: Discovery of analytical method defined of wave parameters gravitation field


Valentiyn Alekseevitch Nastasenko has scientific interests which include quantum physics, the theory of gravitation, fundamentals of the material world and the birth of the universe and he has authored more than 50 scientific works in these spheres.




A strict definition that the wave parameters of the gravitation field is an actual and important task for understanding the basiсs of material world. Its solution is the main goal of this work. Feature of this scientific work is strict physical-mathematical method of calculation the gravitation field frequency νG, which based on fundamental physical constants: Speed of light in vacuum c, Plank’s constant h and gravitational constant G. This wave characteristic νG is identified with the Plank’s level frequency of oscillation νp:


The found value of νG allows determining its other waves and substantial parameters gravitational field, the main ones being as follows:

The period TG of oscillation wave:

The wavelength λG of the oscillation:

The amplitude AG of the oscillations  which within the limits of the restriction of all interactions to the speed of light c at the frequency of oscillation period TG, actually coincides with the wavelength λG:

Wave energy:

On the basis of found parameters it is possible to define all the other parameters of gravitation field.