Victor Gabriel Clatici

Victor Gabriel Clatici

University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Title: New role for dermatologist today - Diagnostic and treatment for skin diseases and prevention for general diseases


Victor Gabriel Clatici was graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Carol Davila, in 1994 in Bucharest and in 1995 has started the resident program in Dermatology and Venereology. Since year 2000 have been working in the field of Dermatology, including private practice. In 2006 became Assistant Professor in Dermatology and Venereology at University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania. Victor Gabriel Clatici was the first one who wrote in Romanian language about quality of life and psoriasis (2001) and about vaccines for sexually transmitted infections (2002). In the field of clinical research, Victor Gabriel Clatici was both Principal Investigator and National Coordinator for various types of clinical studies, respectively multicenter national and international studies. Victor Gabriel Clatici presented over 100 papers at International and National Congresses, published over 20 specialty articles in dermatology journals and was speaker, both national and international, for important multinational pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies. He has a substantial and extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nails, mucous and sebaceous gland diseases and special interest in clinical research, skin cancer, sexually transmitted infections, photo protection and sunscreens, skin aging, acne and rosacea, quality of life in dermatology.


Lifestyle is an important negative factor in our beauty and general health. Pollution and stress, smoking and sedentary life style, sun exposure and use of tanning beds, diet full of sugar and fat and low in water, fibers and vitamins, improper skin care lead not only to accelerate the skin aging process but also to develop serious diseases like cancer (including skin cancer), diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart disease etc. As Dermatologists, we see every day acne in women and men over 30 years, sometimes over 40, melanoma at 20 years and too much non melanoma skin cancer in elderly. Also, we see obesity with acne in children and a lot of psychosomatic illness like psoriasis, alopecia and lichen planus. We are what we eat; so if we change our diet we will change our future and beauty. Quit smoking, change the daily habits, correct choose and use of photo protection methods, appropriate skin care are all methods easy with a lot of good results. As Dermatologist and Venereologist we can prevent a lot of serious diseases like skin cancer and other forms of cancer (including cancers triggered by HPV and prostate cancers), reduce the burden of obesity and diabetes mellitus type 2 and increase the quality of life of our patients. Also, we can make people, Look better, and grow up their satisfaction and happiness. So, I am proud to be a Dermatologist and bring good in the life of my patients!

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