Vip Dev

Vip Dev

Manukamed, USA



Dev completed his undergraduate studies at Texas Tech University and Cal State University, Long Beach. He studied Medical Ethics at Oxford and Biomedical Sciences at UCSD, and earned his M.D. degree at Ross University in New Jersey. Dev is an assistant clinical professor at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Institute at the University of California, Irvine. Dev has enjoyed a distinguished academic career and has authored or co-authored greater than thirty publications in General Surgery, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, and aesthetic techniques. Dev has provided medical expertise to a number of our armed forces men and women who have returned from Iraq with serious injuries. Dev is Chairman and Chief Executive Offi cer of Health Universe (HLUN). Dev is the Wound Center Medical Director of Memorial Hospital in Bakersfi eld, CA, and Chief Medical Offi cer for ManukaMed USA. He is the Medical Director of Physicians Care of California, and Dev serves as the Research Director of the Mesotherapy Institute of Technology. He joins. Jordan and Jennings as Clinical Instructors of MIT’s mini-Fellowship training program.


This is a retrospective study of 2,252 chronic wounds in four rehab and skilled nursing facilities comparing wound healing rates for nine diff erent wound care products over a 10 year period. Th e data clearly demonstrates superior healing rates for Manuka Pli when compared with other products such as Santyl, silver products, other manuka honey products, and vac therapy among others. Th e study also indicates superior debriding capabilities of Manuka pli when compared with santyl and other debriding agents as measured by improved wound surface area aft er 15 treatments. With concerns about biofi lm formation and reduction to assist wound healing it should also be noted that Manuka Pli when compared to silver dressings shows impressive antimicrobial activity. Given the superior outcomes and the lower expense of Manuka Pli, this product should be the preferred wound care product from beginning to end in the treatment of chronic wounds in rehab and skilled nursing facilities.