Vishal Saxena

Vishal Saxena

Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, India

Title: Reduced glutathione: Importance of specimen collection


Dr. Vishal Saxena has completed his M.B.B.S. from Government Medical College, University of Rajasthan, India and M.D., from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune University, India, residency at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune University, India. His research mainly focuses on Antioxidant Vitamin Supplements as a Palliative Treatment In Bone Disorders and was also awarded Research Associate ship by Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, India. He is currently serving as the Assistant Professor, Pathology in the Medical University of the Americas, Nevis.


Glutathione, the dominant intracellular thiol, plays an important protective role against oxidative stress. The accidental findings of increased reduced glutathione level postprandially as compared to post absorptive level prompted the design of present study. Reduced Glutathione levels were estimated in 50 healthy individuals in post absorptive and postprandial phase by taking whole blood in ACD bulb. Mean postprandial reduced Glutathione (9.60 ± 3.39 µmole / gm of Hb) is significantly increased than mean postabsorptive level (5.53 ± 0.88 µmole / gm of Hb; p< 0.001). It also shows positive correlation (r = 0.65) between these two GSH levels. So present study suggests that post absorptive specimen collection is preferable over random or postprandial as the former reflects the true basal level of reduced glutathione.

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