Vishavjeet Singh Goraya

Vishavjeet Singh Goraya

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India

Title: The future of the geosciences


Vishavjeet Singh Goraya is a student at the University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies , Dehradun, India  . I have presented many papers in various national level events conducted by Society of petroleum engineers at various colleges across India . I have a very keen interest in the GEOLOGY & GEOSCIENCES . My hobbies include travelling , reading novels and to spend time in nature .


The future of geosciences will be radically different than it was 100, 50, or even 5 years ago. We are on the cusp of new discoveries, techniques and ideas. Geoscientists are becoming well respected in the science and public communities as new challenges face us. The future of geosciences will involve research into renewable energy and the depleted water resources. The water crisis will also increase the need for medical geology research and will perhaps open up a new industry for this specific title. Geoscientists will be called to help find water on other planets or decipher the historical geology of a planet to see if it is habitable. These planetary geologists will also be used to set up lunar bases or develop local resources. Geoscientists will be educated in many disciplines to fully understand everything they are studying. As much as theory is important, classes in the geosciences will be aimed toward applicability and practical use. Dating techniques will improve so we can understand how fast one animal evolved, or how fast climate change can realistically take place. Geoscientists will be the experts and therefore must be more responsible with scientific evidence and the differences between truth and imagination. Finally, geosciences will depend on all encompassing ethical codes, meticulous documentation in the field and a better way to present confidence of a given topic.

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