Viviana Margarita Espinel Jara

Viviana Margarita Espinel Jara

Technical University of North, Ecuador

Title: Eidetic image of nursing professionals in Imbabura – Ecuador


Viviana Margarita Espinel Jara, obtained a bachelor's degree in Nursing from the Technical University of North, Ibarra Ecuador and a Master's Degree in Family Health at the Technical University of North, has worked as: Head Nurse at the Joya de las Sachas Health Center in Francisco of Orellana, and in the Provincial Directorate of Health of Napo where he fulfilled his functions as head of the Department of Intercultural Health, as well as a nurse of direct care in the Hospital of IESS Ibarra Ecuador. He is currently Professor of Nursing at the Technical University of North, member of the Editorial Board as Secretary of Drafting of the Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidad Técnica del Norte.


Introduction: Nursing has existed since time immemorial and nursing professionals have strived to achieve remarkable achievements, but this has not changed the image they are transmitted about them and the perception that the users have regarding the quality of delivery of the nursing services is of vital importance and great relevance.
Objective: To describe the social image of nursing professionals in Imbabura-Ecuador.
Materials and Methods: qualitative, non-experimental, observational and descriptive research, carried out in 300 external users of health units, of fi rst and second level of care, a survey was applied on the perception of nursing professionals.
Results: Predominantly female study group, whose highest concentration is between 20 and 64 years, self-defined as mestizos and indigenous people with a minority of Afrodescencients; more than 50% fi nished high school are engaged in trade, agriculture, domestic affairs and study. They accept nursing professionals of both genders, but in preference they always mention the feminine; They recognize to recognize these professionals by their uniform, to see them think to have a fast recovery; They feel respect, security and admiration for their kindness, sacrifice, vocation and professionalism; Recognize that they have studies of high academic level, own functions and suggest greater autonomy for decision making.
Conclusions: Men are not individualized as nurses; Nursing is the second option to choose among the health professions. The social image of the nursing professional is positive, socially accepted and highly valued.

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