Wael Moussa

Egyptian Navy, Egypt

Title: A passive thermography approach to bearing condition monitoring


Wael Moussa has graduated from the Military Technical College in Cairo in 1996. He works as a System Testing and Maintaining Engineer for the Egyptian Navy. He received Master’s degree from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2004. His Master’s thesis focused on computational fluid dynamics applications for studying and controlling the external flow asymmetry around slender bodies. He obtained PhD degree from Ottawa University, the Canadian Capital University in October 2014. His PhD thesis was titled, “Bearing condition monitoring using both vibration and temperature monitoring methods”.


Passive thermography is a non-contact monitoring approach with a great potential to be used for early bearing fault detection. However, to date, it has only been used to complement vibration-based approaches. However, the vibration-based methods are effective only in detecting physical damages such as bearing cracks and spalls. They cannot be easily used to monitor other unwanted conditions including the lack of lubrication. As such, this paper proposes a method based on temperature rise differences for the detection of both physical bearing damages and lubrication problems based on the mechanisms of the heat sources generated during a bearing operation as well as the mutual effects between these sources and bearing faults. The performance of the proposed method has been examined experimentally. The results have shown that the proposed method has a promising potential to be used for the detection of both physical bearing damages and lubrication related problems.