Wei-fen Zhu is from Zhejiang University , China. He is expertise in Obesity, Hyperinsulinism, Diabetes.


The fat mass and obesity associated gene (FTO) expressions have been implicated in the development of obesity. We investigated whether SNP polymorphisms of FTO gene might be associated additionally with metabolic traits in Chinese children. Methods
Targeted genotyping of five common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs: rs1421085, rs17817449, rs8050136, rs3751812 and rs9939609) was performed using an automated platform MassARRAY for 405 obese or overweight and 194 normal children. Results
When all obese or overweight cases were compared with all normal cases, significant differences were found in the allele frequency and in the genotype distribution. Compared with the wide-type genotype, minor allele carriers of the five SNPs were associated with increased risks of childhood obesity or overweight (rs1421085, OR = 1.980; rs17817449, OR = 2.011; rs8050136, OR = 1.925; rs3751812, OR = 1.911; rs9939609, OR = 1.930). After adjustment of age, sex and BMI-z score, all of the five SNPs showed a trend towards higher SBP. In addition, rs3751812 and rs8050136 showed significant association with LDL-C and HOMA-IR levels. Strong evidence of total association was found for BMI in relation to haplotype TTCGT and haplotype CGATA (after 10000 permutations, P=0.015 and 0.011, respectively) Conclusions
In conclusion, genetic variation in the FTO locus contributed to the etiology of obesity, hypertension, insulin resistance, and increased plasma LDL levels.

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