WenSheng Tsai

WenSheng Tsai

Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

Title: Conservative management of dental caries in oligodontia patient


Wen Sheng Tsai has obtained a Degree from Kaohsiung Medical University. He is a Resident Doctor of Pediatric Department in Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital.


Introduction: Oligondontia is a rare disease. There are several common features, such as delayed eruption, taurodontism. It’s important to consider differently from normal patients while making treatment plan.

Case report: This case was diagnosed as oligodontia in early mixed dentition. Oral examination revealed decayed lower right second primary molar. However, the tooth germ of the succedaneous premolar was absent. Due to absence of permanent tooth, keeping the primary molar was our main goal. After confirming the pulp vitality, complete excavation and MTA capping were performed. Afterwards, the tooth was restored with Zirconia crown due to the concern of esthetic. Besides, there was decay at lower left first primary molar. Because the lower left first premolar existed, we restored the tooth with SSC and waited for its exfoliation. After two months follow up, both primary teeth were symptoms free and gingival healthy were detected.