Wessam Mohamed Dehis has completed her PhD at the age of 31 years from Cairo University and she is a Researcher at Oral Removable Prosthodontics Department, Oral and Dental Medicine Division, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt, 2014. She is a member in many scientific committees. She has both organized and participated as a speaker in many international conferences in and outside Egypt , and the last one was in "FDI Annual World International Dental Conference, Bangkok, Thailand" 2015 (Speaker). She has published more than 5 papers in reputed journals and has both organized and presented lectures in many symposiums.


The purpose of this in-vivo study was to compare the effect of both Conventional metallic partial denture and Telescopic one on the bone height of the three main abutments in Kennedy Class I patients’ modification I with unilateral pier abutment. Fourteen patients of mandibular Kennedy Class I patients’ modification I with unilateral pier abutment were divided into two groups; Group I received Conventional metallic removable partial dentures, while the other group received Telescopic removable partial denture. The supporting structures of the removable partial dentures were clinically and radiograghically evaluated, and bone height was the evaluated parameter. After baseline recording following denture insertion, subsequent measurements were obtained at regular follow up appointments 3, 6 and 9 months. Radiographic evaluation was performed using the Digora system, Radiographic Acrylic template was constructed for each patient. The linear measurement system supplied by the software of the Digora machine was used for recording changes in bone height mesial and distal to the three main abutments. Comparison was performed between both Vitallium and Telescopic groups using independent t-test resulting in insignificant difference for all follow up intervals (P value > 0.05). Conventional metallic and telescopic removable partial dentures were both clinically and biologically successful. However, Telescopic removable partial denture is superior to the conventional one regarding bone height.