Will Kim

Will Kim

Riverside City College, USA

Title: Animation as Art in Motion


Will Kim is a Tenured Associate Professor of Art at Riverside City College and a Los Angeles based artist. Kim is a founder and director of RCC Animation Showcase. Kim received an M.F.A. in Animation from UCLA and a BFA in Character Animation from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts). Before teaching at RCC, he also taught at CalArts, Community Arts Partnership and Sitka Fine Arts Camp as a media art instructor. Kim’s work has showed in over 100 international film/animation festivals and auditoriums including Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Theater, The Getty Center, The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative, and Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego. As an animation supervisor and a lead animator, Will has participated in various feature and short live action films that were officially selected for the New York Times’ Critic’s Pick, the United Nations’ climate change conference (Framework Convention), Los Angeles Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Cannes.


Animation is a form of fine arts. What’s more important than emphasizing what software to create characters’ movements is how well one can communicate his or her ideas and tell stories with honesty. In animation, the technology keeps changing all the time while fundamentals of drawing, painting, basic design, and animation principles never change. In pursuing Traditional Animation, there are digital compositing, special effects, and digital editing methods involved. In Pursuing 3D or Digital-2D animation, there are visualization and conceptualization that are often done by drawing or painting mediums. This lecture will discuss an animation filmmaking teaching and learning method that embraces originality and creative freedom in telling stories and expressing themselves while the students receive extensive opportunities to study digital animation techniques combined with traditional or/and experimental animation media.

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