Willard Mushiwokufa

Willard Mushiwokufa

Chipinge District Hospital, Zimbabwe

Title: A case of a functionally cured HIV patient who took herbal medicine


Willard Mushiwokufa has completed his MBChB in 2011 at the University of Zimbabwe. He went on to graduate at The University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2016, with a Master of Medical Sciences (Anatomy). He is a Government Medial Offi cer and a University Lecturer of Clinical Anatomy soon to start at Midlands State University Faculty of Medicine.


The AIDS pandemic remains a global threat. Ever since the case of the Berlin Patient who was cured aft er a bone marrow transplant, there is intense interest in developing a cure for HIV. A patient tested HIV positive aft er a routine voluntary counselling and testing. Her CD4 cell count was 528 cells/μL. She took a concoction for 12 weeks and her CD4 cell count rose to 1120 cells/μL. Viral load was undetectable, antibody tests were negative but DNA test remained positive aft er 14 weeks. Th e remarkable rise of CD4 cell count, undetectable virus and negative antibody tests without use of anti-retroviral drugs, is a proof of functional cure.