Wungrak Choi has completed his Graduation from Yonsei University College of Medicine and is pursuing Ophthalmology as a specialty in Seoul Korea.



Purpose of our study was to analyze the Trabecular Meshwork (TM) height of open and closed angle patients and attempt to present a better way to define the exact location of the scleral spur with the Schwalbe’s line method in the Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography (AS-OCT). Our study measured the distance from the scleral spur to the Schwalbe’s line as the TM height and compared it between open and closed angle patients, and with results from previous studies. The mean TM height was then applied to locate the scleral spur with Schwalbe's line method. Of the patients who underwent AS-OCT at the Yonsei University Health System between January 2015 and December 2017, 30 patients (60 eyes) with open angle and 30 patients (60 eyes) with closed angle were randomly enrolled. Mean (SD) TM height was 810 (104) μm in the open angle group and 580 (107) μm in the closed angle group which was significantly different. (p<0.001) When the actual TM height was compared using the Schwalbe's line method, the accuracy was significantly better with updated reference distance (open: 810 μm, closed: 580 μm) than previously used 1000 μm reference distance. (P<0.001) TM height was significantly different between open and closed angle patients. As so, the reference distance for Schwalbe’s line method needs to be distinguished according to open and closed angle when it is used for locating the scleral spur. Furthermore, TM height may be an important factor to distinguish open and closed angle.