Xiang yu Kong,

Xiang yu Kong,

Tsinghua University, China

Title: Duality quantum computing and its application


Xiangyu Kong is a PhD candidate at Tsinghua University from Guilu Long group. His research area is duality quantum computing and NMR quantum information processing.


Duality quantum computing is a new mode of a quantum computer that admits linear combinations of unitaries. Duality
quantum computing can realize an arbitrary sum of unitaries and therefore a general quantum operator, which is called
a generalized quantum gate. All linear bounded operators can be realized by the generalized quantum gates, and unitary
operators are just the extreme points of the set of generalized quantum gates. Duality quantum computing provides flexibility
and a clear physical picture in designing quantum algorithms, and serves as a powerful bridge between quantum and classical
algorithms. Thus there are many applications in duality quantum computing, such as solving linear equations, simulating
open quantum system, simulating quantum channels and so on. Recently, we present a quantum algorithm to probabilistically
perform the creation and annihilation operators via duality quantum computing.